Monday, August 14, 2006

Weekend 11, 12, 13

This weekend, I saw beggars. I’ve never seen beggars. In Japan, I often see the homeless near the big stations but they don’t ask me some money. They don’t seem to try to concern with society. Therefore, I ‘m shocked to see the sight. A man who is sitting at the corner of the George Town asked some money. They have cups. And, I saw beggars in the metro. Tim gave some money. Tim told us about beggars. They spend money for drags and alcohol.

I haven’t finish today’s blog!! I’m sorry.


Ji Won said...

It is very common to see beggars in many parts of Washington, DC and some parts of Maryland. Sad, isn't it?

Nina Liakos said...

You can finish your post when you have more time. I hope you will continue to write in your blog in ENglish after you go back to Japan!

I remember how I felt about people asking for money when I visited Jamaica. They all wanted to get paid for some small job, such as guiding tourists around. I felt like I could have no interaction with them that didn't involve paying them for some service; it made me uncomfortable.

Since that time, begging on the street has become more and more common here, as poor people get poorer and rich people get richer.

Laura said...

Beggars are a very sad sight, but just as Tim told you, there are many people that don't actually need that money, and only use it for bad things.