Friday, August 18, 2006

come back to my home


I came back to Japan and my home.
Yesterday, when I came home, my father and oleder sister met me.
My mother has been in my grandmother's home. It locates in Toyama prefecture.

The two weeks that I stayed in Maryland are very fun and include
many important experiences.
It is as if a dream.
I really appreciate Nina, Kevin, Ji Won, Laura, Tim, Linda and all the people I met in America.

I learned about importance of effort to achive my dream from mentors.

I liked the phrase "my pleasure".
Ji Won often said this phrase.
I learned the meaning of "my pleasure", "you're welcome" and"No problem".
I like the view of "my pleasure".
When you do anything for someone, someone will say "Thank you".
And you say "my pleasure" because I want to do that for you.
The way of thinking is new one for me.
I think it's great!


Nina Liakos said...

Wow, Yuiko, you've added links to everyone's blog to your blog! Way to go!

It was my pleasure to teach you some English and to show you the sights of my "hometown"!

Hiromi said...

I really miss you, yuichang!

If you wanna hear Ji Won say "my pleasure", you can get an MSN messenger ID!!

NOBUFUMI said...

I also like the phrase “my pleasure”.
I want to use the word in Japan.

izumo said...

I was very happy to share a room with you!! I spent very funny time with you! Thank you so much!!!

Ji Won said...

hahahaha, yui-chang~
It was my pleasure to teach you about my pleasure. ^^

SERI said...

I like "my pleasure",too~~~♡

Ji Won's "my pleasure" is sooo coool da yo neeee!!!!!!!

Linda said...

Hi! I am glad you enjoyed Maryland. I hope you will come back one day.

Nina Liakos said...

Hey, Yuiko, how about a new post? What have you been doing lately?