Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Ride a Pony!

Monday 14

Today, we went to County Fair. There are many animals and booths. It was very busy. I haven’t seen cattle for a long time. Children look very happy to take part in pig race! I remember my childhood. Children like festival all over the world. I’m very fun fair too! I rode on a pony!! But other riders are children…. America has vast lands and many farms. So, the fair is popular, I think. I love festival and booths but food is very junky. It is same as Japanese festival.


Nina Liakos said...

Yes, fair food is not healthy. You are right about that! But it's all part of the memory of the fair. I wish I had seen you ride on the pony! Please post that picture to your blog when you go home!

Ji Won said...

Hey everyone, This is Ji Won! By the time you read this, you'll be in Japan. I miss you guys already! I hope everyone had a safe and comfortable flight back. I have the album of our pictures posted on my website, so please e-mail me at Jiwonyii@hotmail.com as soon as you read this message. That way I can send you my login & password for the website. Once I have everyone's email addresses, I'll send out a message to all of you, okay? Talk to you again soon!

Laura said...

Hahaha I don't think food out at places of entertainment (like fairs, festivals, or movie theaters) are ever good for you. I want to see pictures of your pony ride too!